6 Signs You Might Have Low Porosity Hair

6 Signs You Might Have Low Porosity Hair

Ever felt like your hair is playing hard to get with your favorite products? Or noticed it's taking ages to air dry, even with a strong breeze? Well, guess what? You might just have low porosity hair, but hey, no need to worry! Understanding your hair's porosity can be the key to getting to know your hair better!

Low porosity hair happens when the cuticles of your hair shaft are tightly packed together, making it difficult for moisture and products to penetrate (Your hair is basically saying: "Yeah, sorry, no entry allowed") this can lead to dryness, buildup, and dullness, but no biggie, I'm here to help you understand the problem with a few signs and tips to follow, sooo, let's just get right into it.


Signs You Might Have Low Porosity Hair:


Water Beads Up on Your Hair: Ever noticed how water seems to sit on top of your hair rather than being absorbed? Almost like your strands are repelling moisture. That's a classic sign of low porosity hair.

Products Sit on Your Hair: No matter how much conditioner or styling products you use, they just seem to sit on your hair without sinking in. Frustrating, right?

Slow Drying Time: If your hair takes forever to air dry or struggles to hold a style, you might be dealing with low porosity hair. Those tightly sealed cuticles make it hard for water to evaporate, leaving you waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

Buildups: Despite your best efforts to cleanse your hair, you find yourself dealing with stubborn buildup that just won't budge, as if your hair is holding onto every last bit of product for dear life, yeah, that's another sign.

Lack of Elasticity: Low porosity hair often lacks elasticity, meaning it's prone to breakage and feels stiff rather than flexible, if you've noticed a lack of bounce and stretch in your strands, then this might be why.

Difficulty Coloring or Perming: If you've noticed that your hair struggles to hold onto color or perms, it could be a sign of low porosity too.


Now that we've identified the signs, let's talk about some simple ways to show your low porosity strands some love:


Tips to Care for Your Low Porosity Hair:

Tip 1: Clarify and Exfoliate

First things first, let's give your hair a fresh start. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup from product residues and hard water minerals. Follow up with an exfoliating scalp treatment to encourage healthy hair growth and improve product absorption.

Tip 2: Steam Your Hair

Steam treatments can help open up the hair cuticle, allowing moisture to penetrate deep within, here is how to do it: After washing your hair, apply a deep conditioner and wrap your hair in a warm towel or use a handheld steamer. The heat will help open up your hair cuticles, allowing moisture to penetrate deeply.

Tip 3: Moisturize with Pure Argan Oil

Ah, the magic of pure argan oil! This lightweight, water-based, easily absorbed product won't weigh your hair down. Here is how to use it: After washing and conditioning, apply a few drops of argan oil to damp hair, focusing on the ends. Not only will it seal in moisture, but it'll also add a natural much-needed shine to your strands that will last you all day long.

Tip 4: Seal with a Lightweight Leave-In

Finish off your haircare routine with a lightweight leave-in conditioner to seal the deal. Look for formulas that are free of heavy oils and silicones, as they can worsen the problem and weigh down your hair. Spritz or smooth a small amount onto damp hair then massage until absorbed and you're done!


There you have it! With a little extra care and the right products, you can embrace your low porosity hair with confidence!


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