Unearthing The Secrets Of Beauty

We have crossed oceans just to take you to long ago and far away when the inhabitant of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco believed in the divine powers of Mother Nature. Deep in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the story of Deverda comes to birth with the help of one, single plant: an Argan tree.
For centuries, Argan Oil has been revered by Berber women for its nourishing and hydrating qualities. Inspired by this, the Deverda brand was born to bring the secret of the ages to modern women to protect them from all what is toxic and chemical. 
“Believe Us When We Say, Argan Oil Will Change Your Life!”

Every single drop of our Golden Argan
has a story to tell you.

Why choose us?

Every ingredient is sourced with care and attention, so you can feel confident in your beauty rituals.

All Skin Types

Our Argan & CBD products nourish and soothe all skin types, be it oily or dry, to help you glow up from head to toe.

Pure Organic

Our Argan and CBD products nourish your whole body without a trace of chemicals or any toxic ingredients.

All Hair Types

We believe in inclusion and diversity. Your hair, straight, curly, or wavy, is in for a treat from our Argan shampoo & conditioner.