Golden Argan Oil

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Whether you're looking for smooth hair, soft skin, or strong nails, our Golden Argan product is your versatile partner! Organic argan oil, cold-pressed without adding or removing anything.

Produced from the seeds of the original argan tree in Morocco, rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants for an ideal nourishing experience. Luxuriously packaged, making it the perfect gift for someone you love.


    - Provides 24/7 hydration.
    - Boosts natural glow and plumpness.
    - Smooths hair and tames frizz.

    For Your Skin: Maintains skin elasticity and plumpness, boosts moisturization, reduces fine lines, preserves a healthy skin barrier, and acts as an excellent nighttime treatment to even out skin tone, leaving you with soft skin in the morning.

    For Your Hair: Reduces frizz and flyaways, strengthens and moisturizes the scalp as a pre-shower oil, minimizes damage from hair coloring, serves as a natural heat protectant, and adds healthy shine to any hairstyle.

    For Your Body: Ideal as an after-shave oil to prevent ingrown hairs, minimizes the appearance of stretch marks, and boosts moisturization and glow.

    For Your Nails: Nourishes cuticles, strengthens fragile nails, and promotes healthier nail growth.


    For Hair:

    Massage the oil into your hair and scalp in circular motions for a few minutes. Wrap your hair with a towel or a shower cap and leave it overnight. You can also mix it with your conditioner or hair mask for extra moisture and shine.

    For Face:

    Can be used morning and evening alone or mixed with other skincare products such as your favorite moisturizer, face scrub, or even a face mask for the hydration and glow you need.

    For Lips:

    Add a few drops to your lips to help enhance moisture and hydrate dry and chapped lips.

    For Nails:

    Massage a few drops onto your nails to moisturize them and make them softer and stronger. For better results, try soaking your nails in argan oil for 15 minutes to allow them to absorb the oil.

    For Body:

    Apply it after shaving or bathing to help moisturize your skin and give it a radiant glow!


    Pure Argan Oil.

    Deverda product
    Deverda product
    Deverda product
    Deverda product
    Deverda Product
    Deverda Product
    Deverda product
    Golden Argan Oil

    Glow From Within

    Your go-to companion for that from-within-glow! Enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids to smooth out your skin texture and promote a healthy complexion.

    Deverda product

    Essential for Shiny, Soft Hair

    Add a few drops to styled hair for a frizz-free look before stepping out the door.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    I thought to myself when i first purchased this oil "let's just not have high expectations!" but god! I've been using it for a month and so now and i just can't believe how it changed the look of my skin and hair, especially my hair...I colored my hair a year ago and regretted it later, i've been struggling with split ends ever since, when I tell you this oil treated my split ends like nothing else I've ever tried before??????? wow definitely would buy again


    I was hesitant to try yet another face oil, but this one caught my eye with its argan oil base, with my combination skin prone to dry patches and occasional breakouts, finding the right balance is key. After using this oil for a few weeks, i noticed a significant improvement in both hydration and clarity, the argan oil seemed to soothe my dry areas and calm my breakouts...Definitely a keeper in my skincare routine!


    This is my third bottle of this oil. Absolutely love it! It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and plump


    Absolutely amazing! i initially purchased it for its ingredients but i ended up loving it...Incredibly hydrating and healing, it gives my skin a boost and a healthy glow. It also helps plump up the skin, I use it every night after applying my Tretinoin and I can't imagine using anything else. This is a product I'll continue to purchase without hesitation.


    No more dealing with split ends or dullness for me