10 Amazing Ways to Use Argan Oil in Your Beauty Routine

10 Amazing Ways to Use Argan Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Have you noticed how face oils are all the rage in the beauty scene lately, especially with everyone wanting that dewy, healthy, and plumped-up look (like a glazed donut)? Argan oil is a total star in this trend, earning its nickname "liquid gold" for its uses from hair, to body, to nails. It's known for being lightweight, non-clogging, and packing anti-aging benefits, making it stand out among other oils. Whether you're after a radiant, glowing complexion, need a serious hydration boost, or just want to look summer-ready and deliciously glazed, today's blog has you covered! Let's jump right in!

10 Fun Easy Ways to Use Argan Oil 

Morning Moisturizer: If you want that fresh morning dewy skin without a drop of makeup, start your day by dabbing a few drops of argan oil on your face after cleansing. It's super light, absorbs quickly, leaving your skin hydrated, soft, and with a gorgeous golden glow! You can add a hint of blush on your cheeks and a tint on your lips for a sun-kissed look if you're heading out, but always follow up with sunscreen, rain or shine—no glow is worth compromising your health, bestie!

Makeup Primer: Planning to rock makeup? Argan oil is your go-to primer! Smooth a tiny amount onto your face, paying extra attention to dry patches like your chin or under eyes, before applying makeup. It creates a flawless base, helps foundation glide on effortlessly, and mixing a few drops with foundation gives that flawless, naturally glazed finish!

Nighttime Serum: One way I love using argan oil is as a nighttime treatment for rough, dry patches, especially in winter. Warm 1 to 2 drops in your palms and gently apply to dry areas, like around your mouth. Its antioxidants and fatty acids help even skin tone and minimize dark spots overnight, so you wake up with fresh, glowing skin.

For Dry Elbows and Knees: Dealing with dry elbows and knees? Argan oil instantly moisturizes flaky skin and lightens these areas with regular use. Apply to damp skin to lock in moisture all day long.

Lip Scrub: My favorite DIY lip scrub for soft, smooth lips? Mix argan oil with a bit of honey and sugar. Substitute with olive, coconut, or jojoba oil if you don't have argan—results are just as good! Mix 3-4 drops of oil with a teaspoon of sugar and honey, apply in circular motions, wipe with a cotton pad, and voila!

Cuticle Care: Massage a drop or two of argan oil into damaged cuticles to keep them healthy and prevent hangnails. For a full hand treatment, mix your hand cream with 4-5 drops of argan oil, apply as a mask, and wear gloves to let it work its magic—perfect for rough hands!

Under-Eye Treatment: Harnessing argan oil's anti-aging properties, gently pat a drop under your eyes to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Regular use reveals amazing results—just massage until absorbed!

Argan-infused Face Mask: Need extra glow and moisture before a big event? Add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite face mask for soft, radiant skin. It replenishes moisture, leaving your skin smoother and more supple.

Hair and Scalp TLC: Hijab wearers, rejoice! Argan oil nourishes hair and scalp with vitamins and essential fatty acids, reducing frizz, split ends, and strengthening hair—perfect care under your scarf.

Highlighting Glow: For a natural, dewy glow, mix a drop of argan oil with your highlighter. Dab onto cheekbones, brow bones, and anywhere else needing a touch of sparkle! It boosts makeup radiance and keeps skin hydrated all day—give it a try!

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